David Maynard, Mayor of Winder, Ga

"Rated 10 +++++ Your energy, passion & honesty is inspiring. While I know it's different, I felt the exact same way when I graduated college. My brother experienced the same thing as you when he retired after 20+ years as an Army Ranger... and since then he has lost so many from suicide. Would love to chat with you more about this & how to be a better resource for our military."

Toyia Tucker, US Army Veteran

"This presentation has reopened my eyes. As a veteran, I remember how I felt transitioning. Being located in Columbus, home of Ft Benning, I'm going to reach out to the post to inquire about the TAP. "

Emily Beeman, Deputy City Manager, City of Tifton, Ga

"Off the chart! Awesome presentation!"

A TEDx and Dr. Eric Thomas Certified Speaker, Ritchie will empower listeners by equipping them with tools to understand that soldiers are trained for the combat battlefield and not the economic battlefield. 

This pivot will allow transitioning military veterans to discover how to SEE themselves, SELL themselves & BRAND themselves to the marketplace, so they can win the battle, of unemployment.

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Key Foundation Points

The Economic Battlefield:
Veteran Unemployment

There were 284,000 unemployed veterans in 2019 

The Mental Battlefield:
Veteran Suicide & Depression

Nearly 90% of veterans reported a lifetime traumatic event with an average of 3.4 traumatic events in soldiers, this needs to be discussed.

You, LLC (Your Life Plan)

The hardest part of being a soldier is letting go of the uniform, as we are trained to believe that we are JUST soldiers, so what happens when we can no longer serve...

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