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Mike Whaley, Founder Mike Whaley Academy

"Ritchie literally designed my entire online coaching academy for actors, w/ a road map to $100,000 "
*Mike has been featured in 400+ commercials

Councilwoman Toyia Tucker, US Army Veteran

"This presentation has reopened my eyes. As a veteran, I remember how I felt transitioning. Being located in Columbus, home of Ft Benning, I'm going to reach out to the post to inquire about the TAP."

Emily Beeman, Deputy City Manager at City of Tifton

"Off the chart! Awesome presentation!"

Michelle Carter, Gold Medal Olympian (Shot Put)

"Ritchie, your [coaching] sessions were my favorite!"

Coach Earnie Williams, Univ. of Texas Basketball Player

"Ritchie, Thank you so much, this feedback is amazing! Really allowed me to take a deep breath, and feel more grounded and less anxious about getting my speaking career started."

Yasmin Francis, Major, US Army (Retired)

"Ritchie, Thank you! That is some awesome information you provided. I love it! Lots to work with and start formatting. Would definitely like to have another call once I start fleshing things out and moving forward. Thank you so much and will definitely be in touch soon. Loved the Speech and Book Title by the Way! Spoke to me right away as soon as I heard it."